Find Tires & Wheels For Your Ride

Today, rims are just a small part of the automobile customization world.  Every car can be looked at as a unique work of art which the customization options are absolutely endless.  One of the larger and most noticeable modifications that can be made is unique tires and wheels.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade to 17″ rims or go huge to 26″+ inch rims all of them are an upgrade to a vehicle.  It’s no secret that wheel and tire packages aren’t cheap so it’s really important to discuss protecting your new wheel package.  Let’s talk about properly insuring them.

Auto Insurance Protects Your Modifications?

We highly suggest that anytime you make a modification to your ride that you call your auto insurance company to discuss whether or not your policy will cover you in case of them or damage.  Imagine dropping several thousand dollars on some nice wheels and tires then one day notice them damaged or stolen by someone who’s jealous of your ride.  That in itself is enough to convince some people to avoid buying upgraded wheels and tires to begin with.  We can help instill just a bit more security.

You can call up and discuss your policy with any of the major insurance carriers but we personally work with a local (Baltimore for us) car insurance agent that offers us customization auto insurance protection that includes heavily modified vehicles.

Requirements For Coverage.

Every policy will be just a bit different but we’ll cover some of the requirements for a policy holder.

  • Keep receipts for purchased modifications.
  • Take photos of modifications pre-installation and post installation.
  • Report when modifications are added and removed from vehicles.
  • Report the value that these modifications offer to the vehicle (especially for engine modifications).

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